Subsribe to the Borre Leesclub! You can enrol at the bottom of this page. The Borre Leesclub is aimed at children aged 2 to 12. All books and other content are in the Dutch language. For each age the books and magazines are adapted to that year’s level.

Borre Leesclub has a lot to offer to your child:

  • Each month, two hardcover children’s books in Dutch.
  • Each month, a small magazine in Dutch with educational exercises (up until group 4) or an online reading exercise for each book (group 5 to 8).
  • Each month digital versions of the books in Borre Leesclub app. Borre-stories from group 0 to 3 have audio as well.
  • Free collector’s box in first package.
  • Free welcome gift of your choice.

The books and magazines have been developed in collaboration with a child’s psychologist and support the school’s reading education.
Both the reading level and the subject of the stories will grow along with your child’s age.

An overview of the books that are part of a subscription can be found here.
Do you already own one or more Borre books? Please let us know in the ‘remarks’ section of the subsription form. We will then make sure you won’t receive double titles.

Any questions? Please phone us on 079 – 343 1427 or e-mail: mail [at]
We will be happy to assist.

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A subscription has a fixed price of € 13,50 for each monthly package, without any further costs. You can cancel your subscription at any time, both online or by telephone. 

079 343 1427